Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Open Doors

In virtual reality immersion there were different kids who described how the war affected their lives. The kids were no older than 12 and by the filmmakers showing the surroundings of these kids environment, led me to sympathize even more for them.  The story that spoke out to me was the nine year old boy from South Sudan. His village was attacked and he fled to the swamps with his grandmother. What shocked me was when the boy said he would rather be killed by a crocodile then by the fighters. These kids are facing problems that children should not go through. I believe that some of the more privileged people need to help these families and support them in every way possible.


  1. A VR experience is definitely a powerful one. I felt a similar emotion for these kids that experience the affects of war in their lives. They don't deserve to live in those conditions and it certainly isn't fair. I agree with you that it certainly is shocking that a child would ever say or consider to say for that matter, that he'd rather get killed by a crocodile than by fighters. No child should ever have to think about those things or be forced to make a decision like that.

  2. I think this particular video has the power to create a stark comparison in regards to the concept of childhood, especially for a viewer living somewhere that is not experiencing frequent violence and unrest. Watching children much younger than us describe their experience in a climate that is relatively incomprehensible to us and make decisions and sacrifices adults would struggle to make is rattling.