Thursday, December 13, 2018

Roses Don't Pick Themselves

Drakes song, "Sandra's Rose" is one song containing many messages and undertones all compact into two verses that strike the reader with every word. Drake starts his first theme of being "chosen" and succeeding throughout his hardships.
"My uncle tryna change my energy with stones and crystals
But it's gon' take more than that for me to control my issues
I wasn't made for no casket or no prison cell
Every title doin' numbers like I'm Miss Adele
Sandra knows I pulled us out of a living hell
I'm the chosen one, flowers never pick themselves"
This quotation in his first verse of the song provides us a snippet of Drake's underlying theme of success through hard times. This is evidenced when he says "My uncle tryna change my engery with stones and crystals But its gon' take more than that for me to control my issues" the deeper translation of this could be interpreted that his uncle was trying to cheer him up out of his sadness or depression by buying him jewlery, but he said its going ot take a lot more than materialistic items to make him happy again. In my opinion this is where Drake starts to tell the story inside his song. Following his confession of be in a darkened state of mind Drake continues by uplifting himself saying "I wasn't made for no casket or no prison cell every title doin' numbers like I'm Miss Adell" throwing in a simile, Drake now tells us that he belives in himself and that he wont fall victim to an early death or a prison sentence and instead he will suceed and make hits like the artist, Adell who is known for her award winning music. Lastly in this quotation Drake tell us that his mother, Sandra (who the song is named after) is proud of him for his success "Sandra knows I pulled us out of a living hell" and that he was made for this life as he was "the chosen one". Drake then ties it back to the title of his song by comparing him self metaphorically to a flower saying "I'm the chosen one, flowers don't pick themselves". This last Line of the quotation brings us into the other undertone of the song which is religion/religious remarks. Some may have more knowledge on Drake than others, and for those who don't know religious remarks are very common in his songs.

As we saw the progression of Drake's moral being uplifted throughout that first quotation his happiness and confidence is on the uprise as he describes himself walking "In godly form amongst the mortal men" Looking at this, one can see that Drake now hold himself as someone of a higher power than a normal mortal man through his success that has made him this "godly" figure in use of personification. This is where another Volta occurs and Drake turns to a more religious undertone. later in his second verse Drake recites the lines,
"Church of Pentecost, Holy Spirit synagogue I don't know who's protectin' me but we hit it off "
As decribed before, Drake has now switched his theme to more religiously oriented. Drake says that someone is "protectin'" him and that they "we" are getting along in, another way of saying his success is only growing in stride with his uplifted moral.

Drake's use of personification, similies, imagery and metaphors allows for a deeper meaning and visual aid to support his lyrics. Drake has always been known for his genius in communicating messages through his songs and it is clear that with the use of these poetic devices his music has more layers as it is broken down. This is why Drake has been, and always will be one of my all time favorite artists and will continue to dominate the game.


  1. Zach I think this is a great interpretation of the song, and I love this song too, I like how your able to dig deeper into his similes and metaphors, and truly accept how great of a writer Drake truly is.

  2. I found your analysis very interesting. I never looked at this song in this way. I never noticed the ideology that you cant buy happiness through material possessions.