Friday, December 14, 2018


Camila Cabello's song "Consequences" from the album Camila is truly a piece of poetry. The album Camila was released soon after her departure of Fifth Harmony. The entire album Camila seemed to encapsulate her liberation from her old band and ability to fully indulge in her own style of music and culture. The song "Consequences" is one of her more personal pieces that could've never been released if she were to stay in Fifth Harmony.

Every word is beautifully sang with a sorrowful and painful tone, conveying a story, possibly one of her own experiences, of a toxic relationship. The lyrics strongly suggest she's talking about herself by her usage of possessive pronouns and first person pronouns such as mine, I'm, I, and me. Through her choice of first person pronouns, it not only makes the entire song more personal to the listener and relatable, but also reminds the audience of her own humanity. Often times fans forget celebrities are humans too and face their own heart breaks and toxic relationships like any other human. Through her figure of speech and tone combined, we not only hear her pain and despair, but become aware of who she's directing it to.

For parts of the song, she is directing the emotion and focus towards her ex, however during the section,

    "Hesitation, awkward conversation
      Running on low expectation
      Every siren that I was ignoring
      I'm paying for it"

she herself is the focus. This isn't the only time she is the focus, however it is to me the most powerful in the sense it's extremely relatable to the audience. "Consequence" is truly a piece of poetry, because throughout the entire song, you're there with her during the happy moments of the relationship, the toxic moments, and the reflection after.

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