Tuesday, December 4, 2018

The Presence of Race in Beloved

In Toni Morrison's novel, Beloved, uses certain adjectives that describe race to enhance the meaning of her work. While I was reading, I found the references to race very interesting. It was something that I haven't really seen in other books.

For example, Amy was not only a girl going to look for velvet in Boston, but more so, a "white girl" in search of velvet. That one word(white) completely changes the situation as it shows that Morrison uses feels that the story would be different without it. Furthermore, the use of the house on Blue Stone Road is in the "neighbor hood for colored people" rather than just a neighborhood. These adjectives that are used to describe different aspects of the book play a huge part in the story that is developed because race is something that is brought up frequently. I have never really noticed these references in other books and it took me a little while to pick up on the meaning of them in Beloved because they seem to be really subtle. However, I think that the addition of these racial references enhances the book and the time period that it is set in.

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