Friday, December 7, 2018

Exit West and The Migration to Our Phones

With Exit West being a more recent publish there are clear connections with the world in which we live. The life of Saeed and Nadia, and the experience of their immigration to another country can be connected to many events within our world today. Within their very violent country Saeed and Nadia both struggle to find an escape literally and figuratively. As they try to find a magical door to travel to a different and safer country for them to live in, they are also trying to escape their day to day lives and the horrific events or frustrating times that the civil war and the immigration has created. When Saeed and Nadia are in England and throughout their time in the novel they are seen using their phones as an escape from the society around them. I see this as a reflection on our modern day society and the separate world that our phones create that allow us to escape the real world in which we live. It shows us the whole new universe that technology creates a new world for people to easily access and in a sense live a completely different life. The power of technology allows for the escape from the problems of the world and surround us with only the information we want to see.

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  1. I totally agree with what you're saying about us trying to isolate from real world with technology. Many people, including me, would use their phones or watch movies/play video games in order to avoid our problems from reality.