Thursday, December 13, 2018

Try To Imagine

The song Imagine, by John Lennon, offers a formula for world peace. He does that in only four stanzas. Lennon uses alliteration to have the listener Imagine a better world- a world without violence. He repeatedly asks the listener to Imagine. He first urges the listener to Imagine the world without religion: "Imagine there's no heaven," and "no hell below us." Religious differences have been and continue to be the reason for many wars. He then asks the listener to Imagine the world if people just lived for today and if material possessions didn't matter: "Imagine no possessions,"and "No need for greed or hunger." He addresses the question the listener might have of whether he is just a dreamer. He responds by suggesting that he's not the only one who thinks that the world could be a better place if people come together. If those who listen to Lennon's poem take it to heart, the world would truly "be as one."

  The song:

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  1. I really like the simple structure of the lyrics in this song--I feel like it makes the goal of living in a peaceful world seem less complicated than people make it out to be.