Friday, December 14, 2018

Rico Has a Dark Story

Rico Story by Speaker Knockerz is a single which speaks of an anecdote, and more ignores the music aspect in order to portray the incident in the song. Although Speaker Knockerz is a relatively unknown artist, Rico Story 1, 2, and 3 are very popular songs. Rico Story one is about a man who doesn't have much money and is driven into crime, but later sees that his girlfriend and accomplice ends up rating him out and putting him in jail. He later gets out through some dirty work and while he's out, he encounters his child's mother, who is also the same woman who put him in jail... and that's where Rico Story 2 starts. Throughout the song, Speaker Kockerz rhymes the last word of the sentence with the word in the previous line.
He told her, baby, let's go rob a f*cking bank
she said, okay and then they filled the gas tank
Pulled up to the bank, he parked on the side
He got out the car, she said, I'll stay inside
Put his mask on, load his four-four
Prayed to God and then he opened the door...
By using the use of ABAB rhyme it takes a regular story of someone's life and gives a catchy tone that brings out the "song sound" of the narrative. Along with the music in the background, the rhyme introduced in the song deceives the reader into listening to it as a song rather than a regular story. The overall sound of the song is deceiving because it is a story that is catchy like a song, which works together to build a wonderful piece of music.

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