Thursday, December 13, 2018

I Have All This Love for All This Love

After finally recovering from the mesmerizing vocals and beautiful instrumental background, I realized there was much more to JP Cooper's brilliant song "All This Love". Through his explanation of a lost love and extended metaphor of her memories as ghosts that still haunt him, it is nearly impossible not to come to tears! He describes his love for his past girlfriend almost as an object that he is attempting to remove, but can't because of his undying love for her.

In the first verse, he uses personification to bring reminders of his ex to life. For example,

I can see your dress hanging on the back of the doorI feel like it's staring me down, so I look to the floor

The chorus is directed to his past girlfriend, begging her to come and take the love back, as though it could be removed as easily as any object in the house. This is followed by the second verse, where he describes their love as water that he cannot escape, 

Water's getting rough, swimming in your stuff, I just wanna get to the shoreI'm drowning in memories of you that I try to ignore

His expert use of metaphors, similes, and personification make it impossible to not fall in love with this song, a piece of true poetry. 

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  1. I like your analysis! I feel like the song also does a good job of using rhyming from the two examples that you provided. I also love the way he describes their love as water because I could really picture and feel what he was feeling in that moment. Good job!