Saturday, December 15, 2018

Come Back to Earth

One of best songs on the late Mac Miller's 2018 album Swimming is called "Come Back to Earth." It is the first track on the album. In the song Miller discusses how he wishes he could stop being to introverted
My regrets look just like texts I shouldn't send
And I've got neighbors, their more like strangers
We should be friends
I just need a way out of my head
I'll do anything for a way out
Of my head
The neighbors that Miller is talking about are more than just his next door neighbors but they are everyone he encounters. He's depression does not allow him to function properly in society. He does not know how to properly feel emotions and connect with people.

I just need a way out of my head
I'll do anything for a way out
Of my head
The way only way Miller feels that he can get out of his head is through abusing drugs. Unfortunately, His untimely death due to drug overdose has illuminated his drug abuse. Some have said that this song and his entire Swimming album was a cry for help.

The verse of the song utilizes the motif of water in lines like:
And I was drowning but now I'm swimming
Through stressful waters to relief
I wish it was nice out, but it look like rain

The water motif shows that Miller is drowning in his depression but he is slowing navigating into happy waters. Drowning is all consuming. It's scary and there is no way to get out of it without the help of other people and/or learning how to swim.

In the song, he doesn't mention the words "Come Back to Earth" or anything space related. This left me wondering why he titles the song "Come Back to Earth." I thought about it and maybe the song is a reference to his 2013 song, Earth. He talks a happier time when she was in love. In Earth, he talks about his entire worldview being different because he is in love. "Come Back to Earth" is about Mac Miller wanting to have similar emotions and experiences to the ones he did in 2013.

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