Monday, December 17, 2018

Poetry in form of Music

I chose the song Same Love by Macklemore &Ryan Lewis featuring Mary Lambert. The central idea of this song-poem is gay and lesbian rights and the issue surrounding that topic. The speaker is a person speaking out against the hate and is presumably gay or lesbian. They talk about how it's ok to be who you are, even if that is gay, lesbian, bi, etc. They influence pride into the people who are in the same situations. This song was written in 2012 and at that time the LGBTQ+ community was not as welcomed and popular as it is today. This was how the speaker spoke out against the hate and defended his opinion on the topic. The song is written in a poetic way but there is no specific rhyming scheme to it but when listening to the song you can hear a rhythmic tone to it. The lyrics flow together as well as the verses and choruses. This song doesn't feature any metaphors, similes, personification, etc., but this poem still brings forth images and a story in the reader and listeners head. The speaker puts multiple stories in the song to bring an image to the audiences mind. They use imagery to get their message across.

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