Friday, December 14, 2018

Netflix trip by AJR

In the song ¨Netflix Trip¨ by AJR it is an extended metaphor comparing the tv show The Office with his love.  And his life which is a timeline of his experience with growing up. 
 I turned down Jameson when I was twelve.  
This line is talking about alcohol and how he was asked to drink when he was twelve. Then the next lines are talking about another time in his life in comparison to the office.  
The one where Dwight became the head of Sales
My eighth-grade graduation wished me well
The one where Dwight became the head of Sales
This is very poetic because it was talking about his growing up going from middle school to high school.  A very big part in someones a kids life.  And Dwight coming head of sales is a very big deal because of his growth in the company.  The strong is a strong message of coming to age and big moments in life. 

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