Monday, December 3, 2018

Sethe and Paul D

In the passage from pages 193-195, Paul D confronts Sethe about her decision to take her kid's lives. After learning about what happened, Paul D comes to a disagreement with Sethe about what was best for her kids. Sethe claims she knew what she needed to do and it was her job. She believes she protected them in the end and would to anything to prevent them from the evil she knew they would face. Paul D sees it as inhumane and almost beast like when he says, "You got two feet, Sethe, not four". The argument creates a divide between these two characters and they struggle to empathize with one another. Neither one really sees or analyzes the others perspective fully. Paul D can't see how what Sethe did was justified and he's alarmed by her confidence in her actions. When Paul D eventually leaves there is hesitance in his head. He shows he at least partially regrets some of what he said and isn't joyful at the fact he's leaving Sethe. This is an extremely difficult moment for both characters as the divide between them grows stronger and their failure to empathize costs them their connection.

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