Wednesday, October 10, 2018

A Taste of Your Own Existentialism

I believe everyone experiences a taste of existentialism at least once in their life time. Whether a person verbally agrees with it or not, one time or another they will experience a time of total bliss. Where social constructs crumble away, judgement is nonexistent, and everything is possible. I'd be as bold as to say people actively go in search for it more often than one might think. High schoolers and college students are perfect examples of this.

Throughout high school and college, common recreational activities are drinking, drugs, and smoking. No matter the reason behind trying them, it all boils down to rebellion. The reason why drinking, drugs, and smoking are so popular is because they provide teenagers the ability to let go. To escape from social constructs, the academic system, facades, personal life issues, etc, and have no worries at all. That's the great appeal to them, they provide the ability to experience total bliss, whether it be for a life time or for only a second.

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  1. I think your idea makes a ton of sense, Halley. Existentialism does seem an enticing option for those who struggle to find meaning in the constructs they operate within. There's no doubt that illicit substances provide a bit of rebellious thrill that would relieve stress and worry temporarily, but drugs and alcohol are risky things to experiment with. I think there is value to be found in an existentialist approach to life, but I wonder if there are other ways a teenager could incorporate a healthy dose of absurdity into their life that don't jeopardize your liver and lungs. Would it be enough to simply attempt to get yourself into a slightly cynical mindset when presented with obstacles that seem impossible to overcome? I guess it ultimately boils down to whether or not existentialism can be a sustainable world-view in the long-term. The most damning evidence I can think of which opposes Sartres and Camus' ideologies is that most people's rebellious phases are just that -- phases. If the instruments of existentialism were truly beneficial to those who wield them, why don't our parents all still act like they did in high school? I'll give it some thought.