Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Are People Romantic about Romanticism?

It’s tough for me to translate romanticism, a movement that was tough to define even at its birth in the 18th century, to modern day. I feel certain components of romanticism, a sense of independence for example, carry over, while others, like authenticity and emotion, don’t. Sure, strong emotions and aesthetics are still present in society, but I don’t think they’re as celebrated or respected as Romanticism demands.

We as a society are desensitized. Terrible news is now the norm, beautiful mountains are a google search away, and human interaction is a fraction of what it use to be. Much of what Romantics considered integral to appreciating the human experience is gone. Still, that doesn’t make technology inherently bad. Romanticism was an idea spawned centuries ago, and there’s no real reason that it should still be around today. Values and characteristics of Romanticism manifest themselves in lots of modern day culture.

Technology both pushes and pulls at the human condition. Phones, video games, and TV can certainly inhibit interaction, but they also can contribute to the celebration of life and culture. Likewise, lots of innovative tech companies strive for good. Companies like Tesla have begun to revolutionize the industry with their Earthly and human values. Sure, Romanticism as an idea and philosophy may be dead, but who’s to say that we’re not moving towards something better.

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