Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Legally Blonde

When we theoretically think about dramatic comedy one would say that it is about how something is so over exaggerated it funny. Though the actual definition it means: a drama where the characters, experience a change for better and work things out with hope for the future. Essentially though when I think about a dramatic comedy about the movie Legally Blonde comes to mind.

Legally Blonde is a movie based around a young girl named Elle Woods who has it all but she wants nothing more then to be Mrs. Warner Huntington III who is her young, smart, college boyfriend. In order to put her plan into action she rallies all of her resources to get into Harvard determining to win him back. But it is not as easy as she thought it would.

Specifically because there are many examples of dramatic comedy that comes along throughout the scenes of the movie. The most important aspect that plays a vital role throughout the movie is that Elle comes from a wealthy family. She has never been the one to have to work for anything because it has always been handed to her from the luxury car , huge house, butlers, and only the finest cloths. In the movie there was a scene where Elle was going to her professor to get help on an essay that she had written. The professor tried to make a sexual advance at her because he did not think she was there about her paper or that she was even intelligent. Then there was the times of no one taking her seriously because of the type of life style she lives and how she looks.

What makes it dramatic comedy is that though is is a comedic thing it is a real time situation. Which would be the stereotypes of because someone looks a certain way, acts a certain way, or has a certain life style that they are looked down upon or not taken seriously.

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