Thursday, March 7, 2019

Margot Robbie's Beautiful Perception

In Vogue's work of Margot Robbie's morning routine, the use of a parody was used to poke fun at the lengths wealthy people go to reach an image of perfection. The parody was her reenacting a scene from American Psycho. She woke up in the morning, to "make a video" of her morning getting ready routine, but as she did so, she spoke in a mysterious monotone voice. To achieve her level of beauty, you would need to replicate her exact routine, of exuberant peels, masks, and unpronounceable  products. The video used a parody, the imitation of someone's work, to ridicule how the image of women is always in need to reach absurd levels of perfection. The video itself is similar to videos today about morning routines, and how to look like a specific person if you follow their routine.

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