Tuesday, March 5, 2019

In Defense of Comedy

While there are plenty of examples of comedies, whether they be movies or TV shows, that are absolutely worthless and have no substance, comedy can prove to be a valuable tool to deliver serious meaning and bring change. School of Rock is a perfect example of a comedy that is meaningful while being funny.

The movie follows a guitarist who was kicked out of his band and ends up impersonating a substitute teacher at a snobbish private school. He introduces the students to rock and roll which was very frowned upon at the school so that they can enter a battle of the bands to win the money he needs to pay his rent. The students end up being extremely talented and love playing music which leads them to win the competition.

On the outside School of Rock seems like another pointless comedy however it touches on themes that many comedies share such as the discovery of one's identity and the importance of embracing and loving said identity. In the case of School of Rock the kids who at first rejected rock and roll realize their talent and their love for music.  School of Rock pleads that its viewers embrace their inner creativity and personality to make the world a brighter and more enjoyable place.

Comedies are important because they ensure that world keeps some of its fun as it contrasts from all of the dramas, tragedies and depressing stories that seem to consume the media. Comedies also play the hugely important role in maintaining individuality through emphasizing the importance of embracing one's self identity as School of Rock does. Comedies and other serious forms of art all can and should coexist to maintain a balanced world.

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