Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Comedy can be beautiful

I feel that Comedy has the ability to take the form as meaningful art. In Me Before You, a romantic comedy, it may not be looking to teach you, or leave remarkable impact on your life, but it does make you feel varying emotions.

The story was about a man paralyzed from the neck down, forced to take the company of young woman, initially because she was paid. As she quickly learned that he was sour company, and did not want to live with a pleasant attitude. As she persevered through his negativity, they learned to appreciate each other, and the sides of life they did not know about. The woman was left with drastic news, and tried to fight it until the end, but while she did, she learned to love the man.

This story did not end on a positive outcome for one party, but a pleasant situation for the other. While watching this movie, you could have the classic rollercoaster of emotions that feel planned for each movie. You feel for this movie, when it's supposed to pleasant, when it's supposed to be negative. Or you have cynical viewpoint that looks at each turn of the story as common and basic and unrealistic images for relationships. However it makes you feel, that's what it does: make you FEEL.

That, is why I feel that, Comedy is a meaningful art.

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