Thursday, May 16, 2019

Family Guy enlightens an imperfect world

Family Guy is an animated sitcom created by Seth Macfarlane surrounding the Griffin Family. The creator, Mr. Macfarlane uses many techniques of satire to help break down many prevalent stereotypes in the US, doing so in a light hearted manner. From a parody of Star Wars or stewie, a baby, taking over the world, family guy uses just about every satirical technique in the books and then a few. One of the creators favorite techniques to use is hyperbole and we see this throughout the show. An example of this would be between meg and her bully, in the episode the bully wants to “punch her pretty”. While you can’t actually punch someone’s face so hard they turn pretty, the bully is clearly exaggerating.

Family Guy has broken just about every taboo; terrorism, pedophilia, god/jesus, abortion, physical/mental disabilities, Transgenders and even AIDS along with just about every other racial stereotype, so why do people continue watching this show? There are two important things that the creators of family guy do so that they continue airing episodes twenty some years later. First and most importantly is they do not single out one group in particular but instead, they poke fun at many different (and many times) very taboo things. By doing this they are not marginalizing one specific group and instead make fun of human nature itself. I think what the show is really going after is the fact that we make mistakes, we’re ignorant people, and we all have our flaws and imperfections but when we can learn to laugh with each other instead of at each other, we are one step closer to a better world.

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